Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Atlanta-based, Thought Transformation, provides quality sales training to individuals and companies in the Atlanta area. Thought Transformation has provided affordable sales training to thousands of clients since 2004. Thought Transformation has served the Atlanta area for the past 9 years, gaining trust and respect within the last decade. Thought Transformation offers 20+ sales training sessions that will help you give you sales techniques and tools that last a lifetime.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pushing Start on Emotional Engines to Drive Sales

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down at your desk, ready to work. There’s a message from your boss in your email inbox that reads, “Congratulations. Your sales numbers were great last month. What do you think you’ll do this month?”

The message triggers a quick mental review of the opportunities in your pipeline. Not much there. Happiness vanishes and apprehension descends like a dark cloud. Your chest tightens and your heart, beating steady and slow a moment ago, thumps at twice its normal speed.

You’re feeling internal tension caused by unmet needs. To put it another way, you boss pushed start on an emotional engine. A moment ago, you were happy. Now you’re worried and far more motivated to call prospects than you were moments ago.

How do you motivate prospects to buy? What buttons should you push to start emotional engines that power more purchases?

In the next post, I’ll share my thoughts on how you can do a better job of asking questions to push start on emotional engines and get more selling opportunities.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Redirect a Conversation when Work Friends Whine

When a friend at work complains, and you’re in no mood to join in, one smart strategy to handle the situation is:
·         Let them talk for a minute or two.
·         Acknowledge the complaint with a neutral line like, “I can see why that bothers you.”
·         Follow the acknowledgement by asking, “What’s gone well for you lately?”

Complaints result from immediate feelings. Things go right and we’re happy. Things go wrong and we complain.

By redirecting thoughts to positive events, you redirect emotions in a positive direction as well.

BTW . . . redirection strategies also come in handy when you talk to customers and they start complaining. Good selling!

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If you are new to sales, struggling to make sales, or have no sales training, Thought Transformation can help. Thought Transformation has helped thousands of people by providing affordable sales training courses. Thought Transformation delivers high quality sales training, giving you the knowledge and tools to make sales in any program. If you're interested in our sales training, please follow the link below. Thought Transformation offers 20+ sales training sessions!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Would You Please Stop Whining? Sales Training Session

OMG . . . don't you get tired of selling coworkers who constantly complain. “The market is terrible. The company has quality problems. Prices are too high. Cold calling doesn’t work. The company should be doing more marketing to get quality leads.”

And it’s never the complainer's fault that they don't have any business. It's everybody else's.

Some salespeople are lucky. They have an office with a door, and they can close it to keep the complainer out. Other salespeople sit in a bullpen or in a cubicle. When a complainer corners you, there is nowhere to hide.

Listening to people complain when there is work to do is stressful, especially when you feel pressed for time. If you don’t have a strong relationship, you could nip the conversation off by politely stating you’re on a deadline to make a call or get information to a customer.

What do you do if the complainer is a friend, but you don’t have time—or you’re not in the mood to listen to depressing talk?  Look for the next post to handle this situation.

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