Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Boost Your Sales in 30!

Boost your sales in 30 minutes that is!

Yes, this can be done but you will need to be an active and willing participant!  We aren't talking about 30 minutes in the day you are used to working, we are asking you to invest an extra 30 minutes!

Tomorrow morning, imagine arriving at your office 30 minutes early.  How would you use that time if you followed these two simple rules:

Rule 1:  You CANNOT look at emails...period.  You can't look at them on your computer, tablet or smart phone.  NO EMAILS in the first 30!

Rule 2:  The tasks you do must be tied DIRECTLY to new business development.

You have nothing to lose by giving this strategy a try!  Besides, you might even be able to beat the traffic!

Good Selling!

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Solution Selling said...

Well-described topic of sales and the importance of sales training for a better grip on sales revenue and income.

Sergio Freddson said...

This is a great tip! It reminds me of a book called "The One Thing" that discusses the importance of focusing in on one thing at a time. We live in a world that lauds multitasking although efficiency and quality generally lack. I agree that it's absolutely vital to focus on the most important things first. Thanks for your tips!