Thursday, August 1, 2013

Questions that Push a Buyer's Hot Button

You’re calling on a brand new prospect named Bud. After 15 minutes, you’re concerned. Bud’s cordial enough as you ask questions, but you can tell he’s not engaged. His practiced answers come quickly. As Bud politely recites plain vanilla facts, his eyes stray to his computer monitor. Opportunity is slipping away. You need to do something!

You switch directions and ask, “Bud, your competitors are always complaining to us about productivity problems. Is low productivity a problem for you?”

Bud straightens and looks right at you. Tilting his head, his tone intensifies as he asks, “What do you mean?”

YOU JUST HIT A HOT BUTTON! Your question started Bud’s emotional engine. You’re haven't reached the destination, but you’re finally on the road.  

Take a minute to think about the questions you ask.  
  • What do potential customers complain about?
  • What important problems do you solve?
  • What unmet needs prompt a physical reaction, causing prospects to feel stress, discomfort, uncertainty, worry and doubt?
  • What fears lead to change?

To make a sale, buyers must be motivated to make a change.  Motivation results from a prospect’s drive to resolve internal tension. Hot button questions start the buyer thinking about their situation and fulfilling unmet needs.

Hot button questions create opportunities.  Here the challenge. Come up with three hot button questions that turn on the buyer’s emotional engine. In your next prospecting call, take the questions for a test drive. Find out what works and practice.

Good selling!

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