Monday, May 16, 2011

A to Z Guide to Selling More: O is for Opportunity

Have you ever called a prospect only to hear something along the lines of “I love what you’re selling but I wish you had called yesterday before I bought this from your competitor.” Those words are an instant downer because you missed out on an opportunity.

It’s important to evaluate the cost of lost selling opportunities and how to eliminate “you’re too late” conversations about just-lost sales.

If you sell hamburgers, every new day creates new opportunities to sell. Same is true for coffee, candy bars and paperback books. These are low-cost, low-risk consumables we buy again and again.

When we buy cars, carpet, or computers for home or a business, the cost of a lost opportunity today has bigger ramifications for sales professionals because it may be one year or many before the customer is ready to purchase again.

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