Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A to Z Guide to Selling More: P is for Pain

Eliminating pain is the shortest route to a new sale. To find pain points, talk to customers about their problems. Learn what they complain about on a regular basis.

When calling prospects to set up initial meetings, this is an effective way to cold call.

· Introduce yourself.

· Describe a problem you solve.

· Ask the prospect if they want to solve that problem.

· If they do want to solve it, explain your solution in 15 words or less.

· Ask for meeting for further discussion.

Complaints don't always lead to sales. This is the case when buyers complain, but the problem isn’t critical and they won’t spend money to eliminate it.

Often, the person complaining doesn’t have the authority to fix it. Or, the problem is complex and affects several departments. To sell in this situation, you have to a higher level and identify the person who can authorize a purchase.

Good questions to identify pain points are:

· What is the biggest problem you want to fix today?

· What problem does your boss want you to solve?

· What keeps you awake at night?

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