Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reality Marketing


Happy New Year!  To start off the year, I wanted to share a great marketing campaign.  Tommy Hilfiger has created a spoof on reality TV families—I’m sure we’re talking Kardashians here—and created a series of ads based on the Hilfiger family.

They have Youtube videos, and they are very clever.  Here are other reasons why I think this campaign is smart:
  1. The videos show this large, ethnically diverse family of beautiful people wearing the clothes.
  2. From the hair lengths, choice of apparel, you get a sense of the diverse personalities—and they are able to demonstrate that Tommy H’s clothes fit everyone.
  3. It taps in nicely to a fairly universal desire to be one of the super-rich, (sure money can’t buy happiness, but it might be more fun to be unhappy in a pricy Mc’Mansion than in a run-down trailer).
Any way, this is good fodder for selling conversations.

Click here to read an interview from Ad Age with the new Tommy Hilfiger Chief Marketing Officer.

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