Monday, January 9, 2012

Prove Competence and Ask Questions

The 2 for 1 Method for Better Results

Good salespeople ask questions to gather information. Great salespeople take it one step further. Before asking a question, they disclose a morsel of information. That small step helps three ways:
  1. It helps to position the salesperson as an expert.
  2. When the tidbit includes a customer name, it offers proof to potential customers that current clients are happy with your product or service.
  3. Sharing information helps build trust because solid relationships are built on mutual disclosure.
Here's a scenario to illustrate. You're discussing a new service with a prospect, and it costs $5,000.00. You want to know if the prospect thinks the price is reasonable, so you say, "We just set this service up for WidgetWorld, one of my long-time customers. They spent $5,000.00 because it solved a major production problem for them. Do you think $5,000.00 is a fair price for the benefits?"

In the second scenario, dropping WidgetWorld's name lets your potential customer know other companies bought the service and used it to solve their problems. Psychologists call this "social proof."

It's a powerful persuasion technique and it will help you sell.

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