Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Ways to Start a Conversation - Part 2

Today, part 2 of 5 ways to start a conversation.

4.  Problems Solved-Start by stating a problem a customer recently had.
-Explain how you solved it.
-State the outcome for the customer.

Example: Hi Barbara. Recently we had a client who needed a complicated job with five different components produced in only three days. We met the schedule because we have extensive production facilities and a dedicated team. The client was happy because the deadline was critical and they needed a partner they could rely on.

5.  Upcoming Event-Explain what's coming up.
-Let the client know why you're excited.
-Tell the customer how it benefits them.

Example: Hi Steve. We will be holding a lunch and learn for customers next week. We have a great speaker and a great topic. I hope you can attend because you will get great information along with a free lunch.  

Last Thoughts - Focus on sharing one piece of news. Keep your message short and leave out boring details.

End with a call for action. Ask for meeting. Ask for a return phone call. Ask them to let you know if they're interested in knowing more via e-mail.

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