Friday, February 11, 2011

KeFactors Friday: 3 Qualities of Successful Professionals

Whenever I hear praise for people who are great to work with, certain themes stand out:

  1. They’re skilled listeners. Successful pros are able to hear not only what’s said but what isn’t said. And, because they listen carefully, they’re less likely to make silly mistakes.
  1. They’re gracious. This isn’t just “pinky-extended” hospitality, but refers to personal civilities—focusing on positives, treating others with unfailing courtesy, keeping promises, and sharing praise and credit on team projects. Many times you’ll hear the word “selfless” used about such people (just as there is no i in team, there are a couple of those in self-aggrandizing)….
  1. They’re strategic. Whether discussing new initiatives or the most lurid office politics, these folks are able to find strategic insights from what happens around them. They don’t personalize such events because they keep a bigger picture in mind.

In Mandarin Chinese, a mature child is one who “understands business”—a reference to the bigger-picture issues of life, or that quality of being one who “gets it.”

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