Monday, October 4, 2010

The Emotionless Company

People can be loyal but companies never are. Loyalty is an emotion. It’s faithfulness, an allegiance where consistent, steadfast support is offered by the loyal parties. No organization feels emotion and many are corporate entities organized for one purpose—to make a profit.

All organizations seek dependable partners to help them succeed in their pursuit
to achieve goals and meet objectives. Individual employees within organizations are permitted to be loyal to vendors as long as the organization is successful.

When targets are missed, loyalty is questioned and buyers must
defend their choices with logical reasons for loyalty like:
• Expertise

• Equipment

• Turn-around times
• Dependability

What about your customers? Are they loyal?

Are you the first person they call when they have an opportunity? Do they allow you to quote
on every job that fits your shop? Do they give you information and guidance on pricing so you have a real shot at getting the job? Perhaps they’re doing all of that, but it’s still important to recognize buyer loyalty is not carved in stone.

1 comment:

Ron Rescigno said...

Hi Linda,
So true. Over the last three years especially we have seen those whom we thought were lifetime customers demand more, have less patience and go where they can get something for $25 less...even if we beg them to see that what they are settling for is not "apples to apples."