Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Blogger: Linda Lindsey - Selling Yourself

Over the next few days guest blogger Linda Lindsey will be sharing her insights on selling yourself.

From Linda:

After reading through hundreds of resumes in my search for an event manager, it became clear to me that most people do not know how to sell themselves.

Here’s who stood out and why:
  • Any candidate who read the job description and wrote a clear, concise cover letter customized to the job requirements – I was surprised that less than 5% of candidates used this strategy – As an employer, I want to work with someone who helps me do my job, not someone who forces me to figure out why they are a good candidate

  • One candidate emailed, faxed, and mailed her resume – this person made sure they were noticed – and they were the only candidate who did the research necessary to find our address and send a copy of their resume postal mail

  • One candidate compared her experience to a mythical fable – I was captivated instantly by the unusual approach

Ultimately only one candidate will get the job, but these candidates worked hard to stand out and begin the process of selling themselves. A great resume submission strategy may get you noticed, but selling yourself really begins in the interview.

Someone once told me that as a marketer, I could expect 50% of what I do to fail. There aren’t a lot of other occupations where you can fail half the time and still keep your job. In marketing, it is the failures, not the successes that have taught me the most and I share my failures openly. I take ownership of the failure and I extract the lessons I can apply to the next campaign. Being confident enough to talk about my failures as well as my successes helps a potential employer or client get to know my point of view and gives them the confidence they need in my abilities.
About Linda Lindsey
An Atlanta native, Linda Lindsey has been in the marketing and advertising arena for over 19 years and serves as Creative Director for Brightree LLC. Linda has firsthand knowledge of the "no-holds-barred" marketing advances that drive businesses to try bolder, more profitable techniques to win new customers.

Linda's broad range of expertise includes developing and executing marketing and communications programs for a wide range of companies including Ricoh Americas Corporation with a niche in software solutions and a passion for nonprofit organizations seeking to be heard through the immense media clutter. Linda has owned her own marketing consulting firm for years and her award-winning approach communications to prospects in a way that helps them move them further along the buying cycle.

Linda was awarded a 2007 Direct Marketing Association ECHO award and was recognized internationally as a Diamond Contender for the "best of the best" for her demand generation campaigns. She also earned a 2008 Gold Davey award for copywriting. In June of 2010, she completed her term as President of the Business Marketing Association, Atlanta Chapter.

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