Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Does your selling message need a “Biscuitville” makeover?

I was traveling in North Carolina. It was early morning and I was looking for fast food. Something grab-and-go that I could eat on the way to another appointment.

I asked the hotel desk clerk, “What’s around here for breakfast?”

“There’s Burger King,” he said.

I know Burger King serves breakfast, but I was fuzzy on the menu and dismissed them. “Whatelse?” I asked.

The clerk thought a minute. “Oh! There’s Biscuitville. It’s right up the road.”

Perfect! I bought my breakfast there and how I made the decision illustrated a critical selling principal. Clearly stating what you do helps you sell it.

Think about that every time you meet a potential customer. What do you say? How could you “Biscuitville” your approach so it’s easier for buyers to say, “That’s exactly what I want!”

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