Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Everyone Skims

Prospects and clients skim letters, emails and proposals. Get better results by creating information with this in mind.
  • We pay more attention to beginnings than to endings. Put important stuff first.
  • A highlighter is your friend. Use it to emphasize key points.
  • Use bullets.
  • Recap and summarize.
  • Use color.
  • Bold type emphasizes.
  • Underline.
  • Change fonts.
  • Italicize.
  • Use diagrams.
  • Write for clarity. If you confuse buyers, you lose them.
  • Use short sentences—8 to 15 words. Make points quickly because short sell.
  • Needless repetition bores readers. Avoid echoing thoughts and over-explaining.

The first step to making a new sale is getting the buyer’s attention. Consciously designing information so important points jump off the page increases your odds of success.

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