Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eight Tips to Get More Meetings with Prospects

In today's crazy busy world, “to-do” lists never seem to shrink. Sure, buyers are crazy busy, but he will still talk to you if you anticipate obstacles and plan to overcome them by using these ten tips.
  1. When you explain why you're calling, do it quickly. You only have 30 seconds before the buyer will lose patience and interest and start to tune you out.

  2. Shed unnecessary details. Leave out the boring stuff. Tell buyers the benefits of the phone. Don't explain how the phone is manufactured.

  3. Tell the buyer about a SIGNIFICANT benefit. The buyer is busy. If you're not there to talk about something important, they have better things to do.

  4. Increase the urgency factor. Why should the buyer meet with you now?

  5. What do buyers complain about? Complaints indicate pain and buyers talk to you if you can stop pain.

  6. We all want to buy from people we like. How can you sound more likable?

  7. Sound professional. That means you’re prepared and you’re direct. Know exactly what you want to say. Eliminate fluff and don’t ramble.

  8. Don’t tell prospects you know what their problem is. It’s patronizing—and annoying! Instead, outline the problem you solve and ask the buyer if it’s a concern. If they say, “No,” be prepared to respond or opportunity will die a quick death.

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