Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ranking Three Critical Customer Questions

Customer want answers to three questions in this order.

Number 1: What do you do?
Number 2: Why do I care?
Number 3: How do you do it?

“What do you do?” is number one because customers need a frame of reference. Buyers first seek to establish context. Once they understand how it fits in their world, they are willing to consider if makes their life better—which leads to “Why do I care?”

Question number two is all about the “What’s in it for me?” aspects of your product or service. Once the customer understands what you do, they want to know if it matters to them. If the benefits appeal, they invest time and gain a deeper understanding by asking, “How do you do it?”

This is where many complex sales can derail if the salespeople can’t provide an answer eliminating headaches and risk for potential customers.

Do you want to sell more? Write out answers to these three questions and find a way to improve on them.

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