Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Resurrect the Dead

For many years, one of Mike’s best customers was a large bank. He loved them and thought they loved him, too.

Then, sales began to slip. The bank didn’t call quite as often as they once had. Mike still got orders, but they weren’t as frequent or as large. He noticed, but didn’t react. He didn’t ask what was going on, or why the situation had changed. No one complained about quality or price, so Mike assumed the situation would turn around.

One day he woke up realizing it had been a very long time since he talked to anyone at the bank. A queasy feeling gripped him as he counted backwards and realized how many months had gone by without a single order. His blinders fell away. For the first time, Mike recognized this customer was dead. Worse yet, he had probably killed them with neglect and indifference.

This story has a happy ending. Mike worked hard and resurrected his dead client. He continued to do business with them for the next decade.

Everyone has dead customers and resurrecting them can be the shortest route to new sales. Dead customers represent qualified leads. You already know they buy what you sell. Often enough, they will buy it from you a second time if you go out and re-sell them.

Learn from Mike’s mistake. Check back over the next five days to learn how Mike brought his dead customer back to life.

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john cassidy said...

Linda, first and foremost great blog. I am sending the link to our salesperson so that he can develop some of his skills. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I am going to resurect one of my dead customers.

John Cassidy
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