Friday, March 12, 2010

Plausible, Probable and Guaranteed—How do your promises stack up?

Sales professionals are a lot like courtroom lawyers. We build cases to persuade people by presenting evidence to prove our product or service delivers the benefit we promise.

Selling evidence can be plausible or probable. Plausible evidence has the appearance of truth. It could happen, but you’re not making promises. Probable evidence is stronger. The customer knows the desired outcome is more likely to occur. When you sell on the basis of plausible or probable evidence, the buyer must be willing assume a certain degree of risk because you haven’t guaranteed an outcome.

Guarantees make promises, eliminate risks and shorten sales cycles. When the customer knows they can count on an outcome, it’s easier to make the decision to buy.

Rethink your sales approach. What type of evidence do you provide? Is it plausible or probable? How can you make it stronger? What can you guarantee?

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