Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Echo Effect

Echoes repeat sounds. When you’re trying to get a prospect’s attention, creating an echo in the buyer’s mind with email, mail and phone messages reinforces your value proposition and helps you sell.

Echoes are created by multiple touches. The prospect becomes familiar with you and your product. Recognizing who you are and what you represent often lead to buyer interest because repeated messages chip away barriers and help gain mindshare.

Different contacts create different experiences.

· Mail delivers a tactile experience. Opening an envelope, unfolding a letter and holding it as we read uses both body and brain. Combining a physical experience with a mental one engages prospects at a deeper level. Follow the letter with an email or phone call, and your next message echoes.

· Email gets skimmed—if the topic is interesting. The subject line is a big opportunity to put a billboard directly in front of the prospect. Reading a subject line and mentally processing it takes about 5 seconds before the “delete or save” decision is made. If the prospect values the message enough to save it and you follow up it with a call, you create an echo.

· Phone message are auditory experiences giving you the opportunity to use your voice to demonstrate you’re friendly and competent. If a buyer hears from you often enough, your voice will echo in their head when they interpret other messages.

Mail, email and the phone—how can you use them together to create a message that reverberates, gets you meetings and helps you sell?

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