Friday, September 27, 2013

Thought Transformation Sales Training-Body Language Tips

For those of us that are in sales, we're always in constant contact with people. There's a variety of important tips that we can use when we're greeting customers face to face. Body language is a very important sales tool that can be used to make more sales. Have you ever took the time to study your customer's body language? What was his/her body language telling you? Knowing how your customer is responding can be the difference between make a sale and not.

When greeting a customer, always make a friendly approach. You need to make sure you look professional at all times. Make sure you're making direct eye contact with a smile. It doesn't matter if today has been a bad day or not, your responsibility is your customer. Make them feel welcome and comfortable at all times. Don't bring negative energy to your environment.

It's very important to understand the body language of your customer. How did they react when you approached them? Do they appear to be happy, sad, upset, or cautious? What is the tone of their voice? Are they being offensive or defensive? Yes, all of these can effect a sale. Our job is to make sure that we take care of our customer, right? We can do this by showing positive body language of our own.

How can you show positive body language? For starters, always wear a smile. I understand that we're not always in a smiling mood, but this isn't your customers issue, it's yours. If you're out in public, wear a smile. You can do everything else behind closed doors. A firm handshake is always a great way to grab the attention of your customer, do it with a smile.

Studies have showed that expanding your body can actually reduce stress and give confidence. You may want to try this technique. Stand up straight, spread your stance, and let your arms out. This is also viewed as a body language of confidence. Did you know that you're more likely to make a sale by mirroring your customer? Engaging in mirroring body language lets the customer know that you completely understand. This also shows interest and awareness, both a great way to get an agreement.

If a customer is being defensive, don't continue to try and make the sale. Most success comes in second meetings or follow-ups. Defensive body language includes crossed arms, looking around,  and leaning away. If you notice these body functions, leave a contact form or business card. It doesn't mean that their not interested, it just concludes that something else is more important at this time.

Completing the sale can be a tall task at times, but a first impression can last a lifetime. You have to use positive body language skills that will leave a lasting impression on your customer. You want them to leave knowing that you're someone that they would love to work with or get to know. Be polite, always smile, use constant eye contact, give them your full attention, and always say thank you.

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