Monday, December 3, 2012

2013 Sales Goals

As 2012 comes to a close, I want to spend this month reviewing how you can set and reach your sales goals in 2013. To start, consider the following:

The best goals are realistic, yet challenging. When you reach a goal you’re proud of what you accomplished. To decide if a goal is realistic, answer these questions and use the information as a guide.
  • How much did you sell in 2012?
  • How much do you want to sell in 2013?
  • Who were your customers in 2012?
  • How much did they buy?
  • How much do you project them to buy in 2013?
  • Estimate the gap. Goal-Total Sales Projected for 2013 from Current Customers=New Business
  • What does the average customer buy in the first year?
  • How many new customers do you need to reach your goal? New Business ÷ Average Value of a New Customer = No. of New Customers
  • Based on past experience, how many prospects do you need to talk to in order to get a customer? That is how many people you need to load into the top of the funnel, qualify and convert.

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