Friday, August 12, 2011

KeFactors Friday: The Four Ways You May Be Stabbing Yourself in the Back

The first is in customer service—the self-sabotage that involves a chronic lack of skill in responding to customer concerns, especially when clients are unhappy and complaining.

Bear in mind, every sector has its customers, whether we call them clients, patients, stakeholders, volunteers, trustees, donors, or constituents.

This also has to be expanded to include suppliers and colleagues. Why? because for many sectors, their suppliers and colleagues are also “paying customers” or internal clients who depend heavily on others within the same organization.

Too many organizations make the mistake of “making nice” with people outside their organization while totally abusing the ones adopted within; or turning supplier relationships into “master-servant” power plays rather than collaborations.

The second way in which we damage ourselves is in the area of confidentiality. Howwell can you be trusted with proprietary info belonging to your organization…your internal and external clients…and the private info belonging to your colleagues?

The third is conformity, by which I mean how well you adjust and adhere to the norms of your workplace, which also includes when and how you choose to disobey or challenge such norms for the good of the organization.

And the fourth is civility. Civility is to success and upward mobility what learning is that knowledge. It’s the social nugget in social justice, and the social underpinning to your social media plan. Nothing about your workplace — your service mottos, your strategic initiatives, your bottom line — will come to life without foundation in civility.

And it seems that we as a society are increasingly short on civility. Over the next couple weeks I’ll be discussing workplace incivility—its nature, its cost to American employers, and the socio-professional cost to you.

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