Friday, July 22, 2011

KeFactors Friday: Top 10 reasons why listening matters to human beings


Careful listening saves people and organizations from making mistakes,
committing embarrassments, creating needless conflict, and
becoming encumbered by destructive barriers.


The commitment to listening fosters learning.


It encourages others to listen to us.
Human beings often need to be heard before they can hear. By listening, you earn your right to be listened to. We can actually help others become better listeners by modeling the behaviors ourselves.


Listeners have more power and impact on others than most people realize.

Good listeners have advantages.


By listening, you’re not merely taking in data and info, but also bearing witness to another’s expression or interpretation.


Being listened to fortifies our sense of self, clarifies our thinking,
helps us discover how we feel, and nourishes our sense of self-worth.

(Not being heard, never being listened to, saps our vitality and enthusiasm for life.)


Becoming a good listener gives us the power to foster positive change and

to transform relationships.


Credibility is more important than slickness or glibness.
The best talkers are often not the best listeners.


The best listeners often make the best leaders/managers.

The best conversationalists are often the best listeners.

And the Number 1 Reason...

The quality of listening in our lives—how well we listen, how well we’re listened to—shapes choice and character, in both the speaker and the listener.
Ultimately, it has the power to shape our quality of life.

Next week: How do good listeners gain advantages?

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