Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A to Z Guide to Selling More: W is for Whoosh

I used to belong to a women's fitness club. One afternoon, I stopped by to work out. When I stepped onto the circuit, there were five other women on the machines, crunching, lifting, pushing and pulling, with grim determination. There was no friendly conversation or feeling of camaraderie in the room.

I started my routine. My heart wasn’t really in it. Instead of concentrating on performing well, I sunk into one of those "I really don't want to be here" mindsets. Trudging from machine to machine with a poor attitude, every minute seemed to stretch into an hour and I couldn’t wait to finish and leave.

Then, the front door swung opened. A petite woman with shoulder length brown hair walked in. Shoulders back, head held high, there was a confident spring in her step. She flowed into the room, a whoosh of positive energy.

I was on the machine closest to the door. She looked directly at me. Our eyes met, she smiled broadly and said, "How are you doing today?"

I straightened automatically and smiled back. "I'm good.”

Flowing through the room, she greeted the other women. Everyone responded and all of us continued smiling and talking. The atmosphere and attitudes shifted 180 degrees. I started enjoying my work-out and all I had to do was look around to see others felt the same way.

People have power. In every situation, we make things better or worse by the attitude we bring into the room.

Do you want a competitive advantage when you’re selling? Then, be the sales professional who brings the whoosh of positive energy into the room. Make prospects and customers feel good about time spent with you, and I promise they’ll buy more as a result.

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