Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Customers Care About a Selling Conversation

“People want to talk about what they care about. All you have to do is give them a way to do it.”

Those words came from Joel Zelepsky, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing at Mosaic. They resonated because I agree with Joel. Twenty-five plus years of selling have taught me that the shortest route to a sale is by selling people what they want to buy—not what I want to sell.

Of course, it’s not easy getting people to talk about what matters. If it was, sales would pay a lot less.

Buyers share more when they like and trust you, and feel the information is pertinent to the conversation. They share openly when they believe:

A. Your previous behavior earned the right to get the information.

B. The information you’re seeking will be used in the buyer’s best interest.

So I’m curious . . . what are you doing to find out what prospects and customers want to talk about? I’m looking for three great tips. Leave your tips below, and if yours is chosen, I’ll put them into an upcoming issue of SELF-TAUGHT SALES and send you a Sale Is Not For Sissies T-shirt.

Thanks for the help and good selling.

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