Monday, January 17, 2011

What are you working to achieve in 2011?

Last week, I sent distributed my free monthly newsletter, Self-Taught Sales, to those who are on my distribution list. Here's what was included in the newsletter:

It's a new year with new opportunities. 2011 will be a money-maker for you when you help customers reach their goals. Learn how you can be of service by scheduling a meeting, either on the phone or in-person. Open a dialogue and ask clients, "What are you working to achieve in 2011?"

Listen to the answer and figure out how you fit in.

Other smart questions to ask in January . . .

-Was 2010 a good year, a great one, or the year the client wants to forget?

-What plans does the client have in the works for 2011?
What obstacles do they anticipate?
-What idea/program/strategy worked well in 2010?

-What didn't work as well as they had hoped?

These questions help you identify customer pain points and revenue generating activities. And January is the right time for a conversation because buyers have a natural inclination to seek out fresh thinking as a new year starts.

2011 will be the best year ever for sales pros who work hard and work smart, and who are well-prepared to outsell the competition. And that sales professional is YOU.

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