Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What to Avoid if You Don't Want to Turn Off Customers

In June 2010, CFO Magazine published the results of research from McKinsey & Co., a consulting group. It listed the sales practices that annoy customers. Clients complained about . . .
  • Too much contact: 35%
  • Lack of knowledge about the products and services the rep sold or what the competition sold: 20%
  • Lack of industry knowledge about usefulness of the product/service to customer: 9%
  • Overly aggressive sales style: 8%
  • Customer forgotten/ignored after the sale: 8%
  • Other: 20%

Number one on the list--too much contact--is all about the value you bring. If you don't bring enough value, customers perceive sales calls as wasting their time.

To bring more value, plan better calls. Ask yourself, "How can I help my customer get a raise?"

Salepeople who help their customers earn raises are welcomed with open arms.

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