Monday, December 13, 2010

The Roulhoc Mansion

If you know me, you know I travel - A LOT! I was recently in Memphis, and it had been a year since I’d been there. I was was in an area where poor and wealthy are about a mile apart, and stayed in a bed and breakfast that was only a couple of miles from the prospective new client I was meeting. The house is called the Roulhoc Mansion. Cool place. It was built in 1914 and reminds me a little of my grandmother’s house in the south side of Chicago with the layout and some of the touches. Just so you have a visual, there are pillars in the dining room. As I sat eating my breakfast, it was a real feeling of déjà vu for how her house was laid out.

This place is right in the middle of a poverty stricken area, and initially, as I drove to get there, there were mangy dogs running wild on the street. I would have been more comfortable in a suburban Marriott Courtyard, but figured God had a plan.

The thing to remember in situations like that is, it's good to be uncomfortable once in a while because that forces you to examine your thinking and your prejudices. Overall, it was a great trip and a very cool experience.

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