Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who's Qualifying Who?

Some prospects want what you sell. Others want to learn about what you sell. The challenge for sales professionals is to decide as quickly as possible which buyers represent real opportunities. Separating posers from purchasers requires thoughtful analysis based on what you see and hear in sales calls.

Questions are the foundation of the sales process. You ask them to qualify buyers, to discover if
prospects want your offering and if they’re willing to pay your price.

You qualify buyers, and they qualify you.
They want to know:

• Do I like this salesperson enough to give them my money?

• Can I trust them to tell me everything I need?

• Did they leave any critical information out?

• If information was left out, did it happen on purpose?

• Do I really need this?

• What other options do I have?

• Is this price fair?
• Is there enough value to justify the expense?
• Does the salesperson have the expertise I need?

• What could go wrong?

• If I buy from this company, will my boss think I made a good decision?
• Are there any hidden charges or fees?

• Will the salesperson and the company be easy to do business with?

• Does the salesperson understand me when we communicate?
• Does the salesperson like me enough to watch my back?

• Will the salesperson follow my instructions?

• Do they care if I'm satisfied, or do they just want a sale?

In over 25 years of selling, no prospect ever came out and asked, "Linda, can I trust you?" But,
I knew the question hovered in their mind along with a half dozen others. When important questions went unanswered, the sale never took place.

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