Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guest Blogger: Emmanuel Trenche - Customer service is an art form sales reps should brush up on

There’s a big difference between meeting customer expectations and exceeding them. Many companies view satisfying customers as a priority, but as a marketer, I have spent a significant amount of time working on improving the customer experience because, ultimately, this is what keeps customers coming back.

One way to improve in this area is to look at the way you currently service your prospects and existing book of business. What I have found is that a successful customer service model should be two-fold in its simplest forms:

1. Win the customer over.
2. Exceed their expectations.

In numerous occasions, I have seen sales reps work hard to win customers over, but to fall short at exceeding customer expectations after the sale is made. Sales reps struggle with this because the task of exceeding expectations usually requires the effort of employees in other departments as well.

More tomorrow on other ways sales reps can exceed customer expectations after winning over new customers.

Emmanuel Trenche is the Marketing and Communications Director for Rex Three, one of South Florida’s top commercial printers. Emmanuel is also the Diversity Chair for the Advertising Federation of Greater Fort Lauderdale’s board of directors. His professional background is in sales and marketing alignment by capitalizing on customer relationship management (CRM) tools and sales process configuration. If you'd like to contact Emmanuel, please e-mail him at

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