Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good Selling Email

I got this email trying to sell me. It was well-written so I want to share it along with my comments.

The email read:

Dear Linda,

I know I have emailed you a few times before, but I am still interested in speaking with you. You see, at Albrecht & Co. (an ASI Ranked ‘Best Place to Work’) we provide the means for existing business owners to get out from under all the back office work and provide them with the tools to grow the money they are putting in their pockets. We also offer the same benefits for sales reps in our industry that are looking for a better ‘home.’ The point on my email to you is simple; can you spare 5 minutes of time for us to discuss the possibility of working together? I think we would both agree that smart business people know there options. Even if you decide that Albrecht & Co. is not the solution you are looking for, I think we will both learn a lot from our conversations. I look forward to hearing from you, Linda!

Best regards,


Here’s what Fred did right.

• “Name-dropping” when he tells me his company is an ASI Ranked “Best Place to Work.”

• Benefit statement—he will eliminate back office work and make me money.

• Asked me to “spare 5 minutes.” It’s a small investment—which makes it easier to say “Yes.”

•Check out the statement “I think we would both agree that smart people know there options.” Grammatical error, but what the heck—it’s brilliant to find common ground.

•The “Even if you don’t want me, I think you’ll benefit” is smart too, because it makes the seller sound reasonable and not overly aggressive.

Fred’s email was 163 words. I’m trying to pare my selling emails down to 100 words or less, butit’s tough so no points lost. Did I talk to Fred? No, because I buy what he sells from my own clients. However, I did respond and told him if he ever needed sales training, I’d love to talk.

Good selling!

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