Thursday, July 29, 2010

Five Tips to Make it Easy for Customers to Buy

  1. Don't ask for information that is nice to know but unnecessary. Prospects who feel they are being asked to invest more time than necessary will sometimes bail.

  2. Fill out as much information as you can on required forms for customers. It sends a subtle signal that says "When you buy from me, I make your life easy.”

  3. Anticipate what buyers need to know in order to eliminate risks and fully understand benefits. Provide that early on in a sales cycle, and you can often shorten it.

  4. Communicate what the client can expect in terms of service. Do you promise to return calls in one hour, 90 minutes or by the end of the day? Set reasonable expectations and live up to them.

  5. Provide referrals, even if the customer didn't ask for them. This simple step boost your credibility.

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