Monday, July 26, 2010

A Case Of The Mundays

You know when you've had a great weekend and you sometimes just don't feel like going back to work?!? Well, to cheer everyone up who's having a case of the Mundays, I've decided to give something away today. While you might be an avid reader of the blog, connected to me on LinkedIn and following me on Twitter, do you have a copy of my book, "Selling in Tough Times"?

Would you like a copy of my book "Selling in Tough Times" for free?? Leave a comment below, telling me about what you did this weekend and why it's so hard to get back into the swing of things. My Director of Marketing, Melissa, will choose the best comment and send you a copy of the book!


Beth said...

The weekend was spent with family and friends, celebrating a birthday and trying to stay cool despite the 104 degree heat index!! Oh, how I wish it were Friday!!

Anonymous said...

My weekend was relaxing...a little too relaxing. Do you think if Monday was eliminated from the calendar we would feel better coming back to work?

Waterhouse Weekly Graphics said...

Great idea Linda. I'm sure the book will be helpful to someone. Being I have already read my copy you don't need to pick me to receive the book.