Friday, June 4, 2010

Three Terrible Selling Habits to Break in the Second Half of 2010

Bad Habit 1: Do you let days pass, or even weeks go by without calling prospects? Break that bad habit and you’ll sell lots more.

Bad Habit 2: Are you complaining to fellow salespeople about low cost, price buyers, but never make any move to replace them? Stop wasting energy on something you can’t change. Instead, find new customers who love you, appreciate the value you bring, and will pay for it. Then, fire the cheapskates.

Bad Habit 3: Do you write long emails to customers and prospects? You’re wasting time because no one is reading these “War and Peace” communications. Aim for 50 to 75 words. Go for brevity and brilliance. Read messages out loud to catch unnecessary words and eliminate them.

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Angie Richert said...

Hello Linda - your tips and hints are always very timely and to the point. I appreciate you putting this info out there. I have been selling web print for 11 years and sometimes need a reminder. Thanks!