Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are You Doing Enough to Wow Customers? - Part 5

The Bar Keeps Getting Raised

Once upon a time, we were thrilled to own a cell phone, even if the coverage was limited and the reception was poor. Nowadays, we would fire a phone company if they delivered that level of service.

The bar is raised on expectations time and again. Sometimes, the best way to impress a customer with a product or service that has been around for awhile is by rethinking the entire experience. Starbucks accomplished that. Whether you love their coffee or consider it over-rated and over-priced, you can learn from the company who reinvented coffee shops.

In the book The Starbucks Experience, author Joseph A. Michelli talks how Starbucks strives to "surprise and delight” customers. He points out customers like predictable experiences because they’re safe, but doing the same thing day in, day out won’t make you stand out. Small pleasant surprises ensure customers don’t get bored and seek new options.

Tomorrow thoughts from Rex Three Director of Marketing and Communications, Emmanuel Trenche, on raising the bar.

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