Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are You Doing Enough to Wow Customers? - Part 3

We all want to be the valued supplier in scenario three. To gain that coveted position, we must wow our customers.

Eight hour workdays contain 480 minutes. Stand-out moments are significantly better or significantly worse than the rest of the day. To wow customers, we must create positive stand-out moments.
  • Wow customers by anticipating needs and meeting them before you’re asked. Doing that saves customers time, demonstrates you in tune and proactively searching for new ways to make their life easier.
  • Show genuine appreciation for the business you get. A personal note or a phone call to thank customers for an individual order does more to wow than generic emails that could have been sent by auto-responders. Phone calls out of the blue to thank people for past business also stand out.
  • Make it your priority to make customers look brilliant to their bosses. Educate them.
  • Give them new ideas to save money or generate additional revenues. Take actions to buyers earn a raise.
  • Stop customers from making mistakes—particularly when mistakes would be highly visible inside the buyer’s organization or expensive to fix.

Tomorrow - how to handle problems when it comes to wowing customers.

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