Friday, February 5, 2010

10 Ways to Push Sales Up in 2010

Happy Friday! As we wrap up the week, I'd like to share 10 Ways to Push Up Sales in 2010.

  1. Single task when talking to customers on the phone so you don't miss critical information and subtle voice signals.

  2. Follow up on hot leads the instant you receive them. Don't wait an hour or a day.

  3. Take ten minutes. Write down the profile of your ideal customer because it increases the odds of spotting the perfect target.

  4. Sell every day. Servicing is not selling. Selling is about getting new business. Servicing is about making sure current business goes smoothly. I repeat . . . sell every day.

  5. Know how much time it takes to phone prospects. It takes 60 minutes to call 20 people and leave messages. If you call 20 people and have 3 to 5 conversations, you'll spend 90 minutes on the phone. If you want more business, schedule more time to call more people.

  6. Value, value, value! Bring more to every call and you will sell more.

  7. Get in the habit of calling customers after the order delivers and ask, "How did we do?"

  8. Customers will say, "Your price is high." Plan now to give a better response.

  9. Start smiling before you pick up the phone. People buy more from friendly salespeople. Have a yearly sales goal. Break it into weekly increments.

  10. Have a plan to hit the number. If you miss your weekly number two weeks in a row, rethink your plan. Figure out what you should be doing more of and change immediately. I want you to have a great year.

What are you doing to push your sales up?

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Unknown said...

I have this printed out & posted on the wall of my office & read it every morning as a reminder. Thanks!